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CentreCATH Publications


Published on the web and available as a CentreCATH Occasional Paper no.1. includes and open discussion room on web and is being followed up by the curators of Documenta XI.

Books & Special Journals

Luce Irigaray: Dialogues around her Work. (Paragraph, 25: 3).
Edinburgh University Press 2002

Encountering Eva Hesse (Nov 2002)
Ed. Vanessa Corby and Griselda Pollock
Prestel 2006

Psychoanalysis and the Image: Transdisciplinary Perspectives
Ed. Griselda Pollock
Blackwell’s 2006

Working Papers in Gender Studies, University of Michigan Ann Arbor: Charlotte Salomon ed. Joanne Leonard

Art 'after landscape': memory, place and identity (November 2004) Catalogue
Papers also published in Journal of Visual Arts Practice 4.3 2005
Initiated by Judith Tucker AHRC Fellow In Creative Arts

Museums after Modernism Strategies of Engagement
Ed. by Griselda Pollock, Joyce Zemans, York University
Blackwells 2006

Liquid Modernity Reconsidered Ed. Antony Bryant Theory, Culture and Society 24:1(2006)

Textual Soundings parallax, 41, 2006
Guest Editor: Barbara Engh and Rob Stone

Encounters in the Virtual Feminist Museum: Time Space and the Archive
Griselda Pollock
Routledge, 2007

Aspects of Egypt parallax (issue 43, vol.13, no. 3, April-June 2007)
Guest Editor: Abigail Harrison Moore

Migratory Aesthetics
ed. Sam Durrant and Catherine Lord
Amsterdam: Rodopi Publishers, 2007

Migratory Settings
Ed Alex Rotas and Murat Aydemir
[tab:New Encounters: Arts, Cultures, Concepts]
Series with I. B.Tauris
Conceptual Odysseys: Passages to Cultural Analysis
Edited Griselda Pollock, 2007

The Sacred and the Feminine: Image/Music/Text
ed Griselda Pollock and Victoria Turvey Sauron, 2007

Bluebeard’s Legacy Sexuality, Curiosity and Violence
ed. Griselda Pollock and Victoria Anderson 2008

Digital and Other Virtualities: Renegotiating the Image
Eds. Antony Bryant and Griselda Pollock 2010

Helen Frankenthaler : Painting History/Writing Painting
Alison Rowley 2007

Eva Hesse : Longing, Belonging and Displacement
Vanessa Corby 2010

Auschwitz and Afterimages: Abjection, Witnessing and Representation
Nicholas Chare 2011

Concentrationary Cinema: Aesthetic Resistance in Night and Fog by Alain Resnais
Edited by Griselda Pollock and Max Silverman
Berghan, 2011


Places to Remember: Lily Markiewicz University of Leeds Art Gallery 2001

Migratory Aesthetics University of Leeds Art Gallery 2006

Drawing Time: Christine Taylor Patten, University of Leeds Art Gallery 2006

Resonance, Overlay, Interweave: Bracha Ettinger in the Freudian Space of Memory and Migration Freud Museum, London2009

The Face of Thought: Remembering Hannah Arendt 1906-1975
Old Mining Building, University of Leeds 2006

Lecture Series

In addition we are associated with and acknowledged in the publications based on our lecture series by:

  • John Mowitt Percussion, Duke University Press 2004
  • Dana Arnold and Andrew Ballantyne, Architecture as Experience (Routledge, 2004)
  • Dana Arnold, Shaping Lives, Shaping Cities, 2004
  • Susan McClary Bodies and Scores: Traces of the Self in Early Modern Music, Princeton University Press 2005
  • Jane Flax Resonances of Slavery in Race/Gender Relations: Shadow at the Heart of American Politics Palgrave: MacMillan 2011.
  • Trinh T Minha The Digital Cinema Event, Routledge 2005