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Research Projects

Amnesia, Memoria, Historia
Building on Research Theme V, CentreCATH collaborated with the Centre for French and Francophone Cultural Studies and won a new AHRC Research Grant for a four-year project titled:
Concentrationary Memories: The Politics of Representation 2007-2011.
This project has organized two long-running seminars and two conferences:
Concentrationary Memories 2009
Concentrationary Imaginaries 2011
Publications edited by Griselda Pollock and Max Silverman include:
Concentrationary Cinema (Berghan 2011)
Concentrationary Memories
Concentrationary Imaginaries
Concentrationary Art
See: Concentrationary Memories (Mission, People, Seminars, Conferences, Publications, Recordings)

Further Information

CentreCATH is an associate of the Bauman Institute at the University of Leeds
CentreCATH has collaborated with MaMSIE: Mapping Maternal Subjectivities, Identities and Ethics and publications can be read here.