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The following academics are involved with CentreCATH:

Griselda Pollock

Since 1990 Griselda Pollock has been Professor of Social and Critical Histories of Art and, since 2001, Director, Centre CATH (Cultural Analysis, Theory & History) at the University of Leeds, England. Known for her critical interventions in feminist, social, Jewish and postcolonial studies in art’s histories, her work ranges from nineteenth and twentieth century fields to that of contemporary art and cinema, museum studies and cultural theory Her writings have elaborated a series of concepts with which to think about and perform feminist interventions: Old Mistresses, Vision and Difference, Avant-Garde Gambits, Generations and Geographies, Differencing the Canon. Her current research focuses on the concept of the Virtual Feminist Museum

Within the context of CentreCATH Griselda Pollock explores the challenges of transdisciplinary studies of art and culture, conjugating fine art, histories of art and cultural theory. Her current research and teaching interests focus on Aby Warburg’s theory of the image and time, on trauma and aesthetic transformation, and feminist psychoanalytical aesthetics as well as cultural memory and the Holocaust. Between 2007 and 2011 she was Director of the AHRC research project Concentrationary Memories: the Politics of Representation. She has recently published a monograph on Charlotte Salomon (Yale University Press).

See here for an interview with Griselda Pollock where she discussed the life and work of Charlotte Salomon.

A radio interview with Griselda talking about Charlotte Salomon and the Theatre of Memory can be found here.

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Eva Frojmovic

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Barbara Engh

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