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Saturday 22 September 2012

Day Conference at the Anna Freud Centre

The contemporary art programme at the Freud Museum began almost 25 years ago and has featured over 50 international artists. Inspired by Freud’s own museological collection of art objects and antiquities, and his theories of free association and unconscious desire, artists have responded in many different ways to this unique setting. Art and analysis work with the same ‘stuff’ and the Freud Museum is saturated with memories, myth and fantasy. But the museum is also a challenge and provocation to the artist, with the figure of Freud himself looming significantly in the background.

In the opening week of a new exhibition, Saying It, this conference includes talks by international artists, curators, art historians and psychoanalysts who have participated in this important history. Speakers will reflect on exhibiting artworks within the Freud Museum and consider the rich relationship that can exist between contemporary art and historical sites, and the possibilities it creates for new interpretations and experiences.

Speakers include

Susan Hiller (artist After the Freud Museum 1994)
William Cobbing (artist The Gradiva Project 2007)
James Putnam (Curator of exhibitions by Sophie Calle, Sarah Lucas, Ellen Gallagher, Mat Collishaw, Noble and Webster, and Andreas Hofer)
Darian Leader (psychoanalyst, writer, and curator of In the Freud Museum 2002)
Griselda Pollock (art historian and cultural critic; curator ofResonance/ Overlay/ Interweave: In the Freudian Space of Memory and Migration 2009)
Joanne Morra (art historian)
Mieke BalMichelle Williams Gamaker, and Renate Ferro(artists Saying It 2012)

Further details are available at the The Freud Museum website.